About Cooking Lisbon

Cooking Lisbon is a place to learn and have fun with locals and learn traditional portuguese dishes during your stay in Portugal, on a cooking class.

Portuguese are proud of their culture, heritage and they are enthusiastic about their gastronomy, paring with the best worldwide wines.

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A kitchen table is a place for any conversation and the place to stay with family and friends.  Portuguese share the secrets of their kitchen, joining local and foreigner ingredients, due to the age of discoveries, which Portugal had such huge influence.

Lisbon Cooking Classes are the place for sharing, happiness, talking, laughing, hands on classes that you take you to unforgetable moments in Portugal.

Join us at the kitchen table, with our professionally trained chefs. You will learn recipes of some of our most traditional portuguese dishes, all prepared with the best vegetables, fresh fish, meat and locally farmed products.

Our menu generally consists at least in four courses, which can include appetizers, a soup or starter, main dishes (meat and fresh fish) and dessert. Wine will be served to pairing with your lovely food, besides the recipes and materials, that you can take some notes and cooked it at your home.

Lisbon Cooking Classes are designed for every skill level and there are many hands-on opportunities for your participation. You prefer just to watch and drink some of the amazing portuguese wine? Sure, you will enjoy for sure the moment while others prepare the meals.

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Our Cooking Classes

Range of services available :

Corporate and Private Groups:
We organize also classes for groups with a minimum of 10 people. It is possible to make a cooking class, market tour with cooking class, pastry classes and petiscos showcooking.

We have also food and wine experiences possible to make exclusive in groups (corporate and private):

We have also available in partnership Walking Food & Cultural Tours:

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