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Best Instagram videos while Cooking

Best Instagram videos while cooking, thats the start for this post that we would love to share with you. On every class people will taste, cook and eat what they made.

We select these three short videos shared on Instagram . Why this three? They represent several situations at Cooking Lisbon during the regular classes or groups events.

Pavlova video, Portuguese have an huge amount of sweets and conventual sweets . However, we choose this one since most of people on the private groups is the number 1 choice.

During our food experiences for Portuguese groups its interesting that most of the locals choose this option. Based on egg whites ( mainly ) has also one reduction.

Portugal is on the top 3 of Olive Oil production while Spain and Italy have the first two positions of the rank. During all cooking experiences, Olive Oil from Gallo is always present and you will be able to taste it.

Besides three premium Olive Oil products from Gallo Worldwide, you will feel the flavours of the Portuguese chorizo.

A meat dish is always a great moment at our facilities. We had it as one of the Best Instagram Video because people think Portuguese only consumes pork . In fact, we consume several meats and on the video you will find the base for an amazing Chicken on the Pot .

Do you use Instagram? Great ! Share your best Instagram videos with food. It doesn´t matter if it is the main course or a dessert. Share it !

You can follow Instagram Cooking Lisbon account, where we share the best Instagram videos of our experiences.

Lisbon Sunset and Colors

Sunset in Lisbon has a powerful color and the Portuguese capital is a very unique Worldwide. First of all , you will arrive to the Lisbon Airport located 20 minutes far away from the Downtown .

Lisbon, St George Castle, Portugal
Lisbon, São Jorge Castle, Sunset

At Lisbon Airport you can move to anywhere in the city thru taxi , Uber, Cabify or Metro . Using the metro network, you may need to change lines which are organized by colors.

Color is one of the characteristics of Lisbon . The city architecture presents lots of colors . You may find moorish and European tiles with yellow, green, magenta, blue and white in several buildings ( internal and external ).

The roofs are orange and reflects light to the buildings around. Some iron work specially in the gardens, balconies and stairs.

Lisbon Sunset Moments

Besides the colors of the building, Lisbon Sunsets are amazing . The next picture was taken in Praça do Comércio ( December 2016, Christmas Season ). You will find the statue of King José I ( 1775 , after Lisbon Earthquake ) which is crushing snakes on the path while on his horse.
Lisbon Downtown, Praça Comércio, Statue

Going to the open are of the Praça do Comércio Square, you will see the Tagus River . Along the Lisbon side margin, you will find lots of rebuilding process. The docks for the cruise ships are on the left, but you will see the amazing sunset on the right .

The Lisbon sunset goes back to 25 April Bridge , Christ the King and reflex a shinning dark blue, orange, red on the horizon, with reflex on the Tagus River waters.

Lisbon Downtown, riverside, sunset

Probably it will be the moment to think about your dinner . You will find lots of restaurants with very different menus . Some are specialized on Portuguese Food others more into international cuisine therefore most of them will present you an excellent meal.

Warning : you should avoid fish at Mondays ( the fisherman don´t fish on Sundays ).

Cooking Lisbon, Downtown, Tram 28

Along the walking in downtown, you will see for sure the famous Tram 28 . If you would love to have a ride, make it during the day. From the feedback we have seems like you will take pictures and see much more things than at this hour ( after 5:30 pm , winter time).

Instead of a normal meal in a restaurant , you can also make a Cooking Class or Gourmet Portuguese Class while you are in Lisbon . Check more information, its totally hands-on and you will love it.

Portuguese White Wines

Portuguese White Wines are amazing and the country has a huge production and diversity of grapes varieties. You will find the country divided in different wine regions.

The Portuguese White Wine is light, fruity and refreshing, specially if you drink it in the Summer with hot temperatures.

In the North West of Portugal is the major source of wine with lowest and high alcohol with some characteristics also of acidity: Vinho verde (also known as Green Wine ). This wine can be made of several grape varieties.

Portuguese White Wines, Ervideira
Portuguese White Wine – Photo : Ervideira , Portugal

Some of the grapes may be more aromatic than others. It will be possible and common to find blends. These wines can be dry or medium-dry.

What we advice to eat as wine pairing? By definition Vinho Verde is perfect for Summer. You should use them to make refreshing aperitifs, salads (due to their acidity), perfect match with seafood and fish.

Its common also to find them on International Cuisine such as Thai or any other South East Asian Cuisines.

Full-bodied Portuguese White Wines

The Full-bodied whites are richer in texture and alcohol because vineyards are turned to south to have more sun (highest summer temperatures). You will find the best full-bodied whites in the following wine regions : Douro, Alentejo, Trás-os-Montes.

A winelover will find in Portugal a numerous indigenous grape varieties. As a result of this process you will love to drink and make pairings with smoked foods ( seafood, fish ). Some of the Portuguese white wines will be difficult to make food pairings, due to oaky flavours.

Visit Portugal and some of the wine makers. You will love to know how much efforts and love they give to their products. While in Portugal and specially if you will be in Lisbon, get in touch.

If you have Portuguese White Wines at home, feel free to check our fish recipes.

Lisbon, what to do in Alfama ?

Alfama name is originally from the Arabic presence in Lisbon, Portugal . In Arabic the original name was “Al-hamma” and means hot fountains or baths.

It is a civil parish famous by the oldest building and very unique architecture . The tiles of the buildings have different colors and shapes, tiny streets, its a touristic area where you will find shops, restaurants and coffee shops.

Lisbon, Alfama, Photo: Diego Delso

Thinking back to XVIII century, Alfama was not destroyed by the Lisbon Earthquake of 1755. It remains picturesque labyrinth of narrow streets, small squares and strange corners or paths sometimes.

What to do in Alfama ?

Se Cathedral

Visiting the Se Cathedral, you will be able to see the influence of the Moorish till the XII century and the Roman Catholic Religion after. On the church, respect the ceremony. You will be allowed to take pictures.

Coffee Shops

In each building, you will probably find a tiny coffee shop. Enter and request a ginginha (cherry liqueur), a cod fish cake. Lunch Hour? Request a beer or a glass of wine and Bifana (pork meat sandwich ) .

Meal & Fado Music

During the day the fado restaurants will not have live music , however you will be able to book for the evening. Most of the restaurants while you eat, they will have fado live music after the meal. The duration of the show will be between 60 and 90 minutes. Note that couverts may not be included.

Miradouro Santa Luzia

This sight seeing is a place of romance, the perfect spot for the Sunrise pictures. Have the Tagus River in your front and see the other margins of the River.

Alfama, Lisbon, Miradouro Santa LuziaIf you love tiles, you will like the tile panels ( related to Comercio Square before Earthquake and the Christians attacking St. George Castle). If you have time, stop at the coffee shop to relax a few moments, has a wonderful esplanade.

Castle of Saint George

Castle of Saint George was conquered to the Moorish by D. Afonso Henriques. It has an amazing landscape view over the Portuguese capital. The best hours to visit the castle is in the end of the day with the Sunset.

Wine consumption per capita

The wine consumption per capita is always an interesting number to check and we can have amazing surprises with the top 10 countries in the world .

Wine Consumption per Capita

Most of the people has an idea of countries such as France, USA, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, China, Australia. Its a myth that countries with a huge wine production are also wine consumers.

Wine Consumption per Capita, Portugal

Of course they have their public that makes wine consumption per capita contribution, but you will not believe that is the Vatican City State that has the highest wine consumption per capita.

During the investigation we found the statistics of Trade Data And Analysis (TDA), from , dated from 2015 (revised edition) . The information available says consume, so we strongly believe that wine is consumed besides drinking also on cooking processes ( even in our cooking classes in several fish and meat dishes).

For example in Portugal is cultural. Portugal has the oldest demarcated wine region called Douro, from where is produced the Port Wine (besides other whites and reds wines).

Wine Consumption per capita / country

  1. Vatican City State – 54.26 L
  2. Andorra – 46.26 L
  3. Croatia – 44.20 L
  4. Slovenia – 44.07 L
  5. Norfolk Island – 42.66 L
  6. France – 42.51 L
  7. Portugal – 41.74 L
  8. Switzerland – 40.49 L
  9. Macedonia – 40.41 L
  10. Falkland Islands – 35.73 L

Issues with impact on wine consumption

Food & Foodies – in Portugal and France, food, cooking, foodies is a cultural issue . The locals from each country love food and make pairings with their own wines.

Weather – Good weather means more drink. Most of consumers try to have fresh drinks. Beer has an huge consume in Portugal and Spain, but wines, specially the green and whites on the summer with fresh fish.

Diversity – Portugal, Spain and France have a biggest diversity of brands and products, making different blends with their own grapes . For instance, Portugal has more than 300 grapes varieties and more than 60.000 wine brands, which is impressive for the dimension of the country.

Tourism – The impact of tourism on wine sales is huge in terms of consume and buying process to take it home.

Drink wine with moderation . Legal age in Portugal is 18 .