Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes in Lisbon is the best way to learn about the Portuguese gastronomy while you are in Portugal.

Glúten Free, Cooking Lisbon

At Cooking Lisbon’s Cooking Classes you will learn all the secrets of some of the most traditional Portuguese recipes with a local chef/instructor in a cosy and fun environment!

In our Cooking Classes the chef/instructor will teach you how to prepare a traditional Portuguese meal consisting of fish dish, meat dish and dessert in a hands-on experience!

Then you will seat down and enjoy the meal you have prepared with your new foodie friends together with excellent Portuguese wines.


Fresh ingredients are the basis of the Portuguese cuisine. You will use fresh ingredients like vegetables, fish, shellfish and meat.

Olive oils, cheeses and cured sausages are also important ingredients of the Portuguese cuisine. You will use in Cooking Lisbon’s kitchen.

Cooking Classes is an excellent opportunity to learn about the Portuguese flavours. At the end you will know how to prepare a traditional Portuguese fish dish, meat dish and a dessert that will delight your senses!

You will be able to take home the recipes with the ingredients, portions and every detail allowing you to replicate them at home and impress your friends!

Visit Portugal and its capital Lisbon and test your culinary skills in a friendly environment.

If you have any questions related to our cooking classes, contact us . Book your food experience while you visit Lisbon and Portugal.

Highlights of Cooking Classes

Duration: 3:30 hours (Starting hour: 6:30pm; Ending hour: 10pm – estimated)
Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays
Highlights: Preparation of a traditional Portuguese meal and Dinner (wine included)
Location/Meeting place: Cooking Lisbon – Rua Cidade de Liverpool, 16D – 1170-097 Lisbon ( near Anjos subway station, green line )
Language: English
Price: 70 € / person (all taxes included)
Notes: Minimum number of participants 2 people while Maximum number of participants 14 people. Cooking Lisbon can accept different bookings until the minimum and maximum number of participants is reached. Cooking Lisbon can cancel bookings in case the minimum number of participants is not reached. Wifi is available during the class.

Portuguese Traditional Gastronomy is not vegetarian friendly.
 In this cases, we can adapt the original dishes or provide a different dish.