Team Building

Culinary team building activity in Lisbon is the perfect option to improve your team. Increase communication skills, engagement and relationships among the members of your company or department.

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Corporate events at Cooking Lisbon are singular trips to the world of flavors. Professional chefs will engage with participants for the culinary hands-on experience.

Also possible, organize a moment of Winemaking or Wine Tasting with Cheeses.

Cooking Lisbon has on regular basis, team building events for corporate companies from all sector activities. Unique cooking experiences for your team or clients, while visiting the Portuguese capital.

Opposite to many other activities, here your team will cook at the same time. Therefore, we have a different methodology according the number of people.

Our facilities will be use as private corporate event. They are  equipped with sound system, wifi with 100 MB fiber internet connection.

Discover with local professional chefs the Portuguese Traditional Gastronomy while you visit our country.

Portugal is synonymous of amazing wines, cheeses, olive oil and an huge diversity of traditional dishes, based on fish, meat and vegetables.

Benefits of Team building events

  • Improve Productivity;
  • Increase motivation;
  • Encourage creativity;
  • Faster Problem Solving

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Cooking Lisbon has a perfect location for corporate events since its located at Anjos civil parish. We are located near downtown and we have our own facilities and team to organize your team building event.

For more information about our culinary experiences for your team building event, send an email to:  infoTeam .

What we can make on Team Building Events ?

We are present on the several social media channels. With a personal account, you may check our activities online. In conclusion, engage and ask us what would be possible to make for your event.