Wines of Portugal

Wines of Portugal gives always an excellent conversation, due to the diversity of the portuguese territory. More than 250 grapes varieties, produces more than 55.000 wine brands.
Grapes and WinesWe are proud to offer you a selection of portuguese wines in all our cooking classes. You taste reds, whites, greens and/or fortified wines of different regions, only depends of the menu.

Food and Wines is always a good pairing. Cooking Lisbon developed excellent partnerships with winemakers. We want to share with you, the very best portuguese wines.

According history, we believe that grapes grows during the last 4000 years in what we known now has Portugal. Phoenicians, Romans and Celts had a huge influence to spread in the entire area of the country the winemaking methodology.

About Portuguese Wines :

  • In 2011, Portugal Wines exports 675 million euro;
  • Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry GVA represents 11%;
  • Portuguese wines ensured 1,6% of the total national exports of goods.
  • 66% is the representativeness of Portuguese wines within the export of Portuguese “beverages, spirits and vinegar” products;
  • 42% is the percentage of the exported wine production;
  • Portugal’s has the 10th position in the international wine trade ranking;
  • Portugal’s is in the 12th position as a wine producing country worldwide;
  • From 2010 to 2011, Portugal increase 52% their exports ( Source: IVV, Factos e Números nº 6, July 2012 )
  • Portugal produced 6.141.146 hl of wine in 2012/2013. (Source : IVV)