Lisbon, 12 facts

Facts about Lisbon is a topic that we started to make a list. Diversity is the main issue. You will find amazing things to do while you visit the Portuguese capital.

12 facts about Lisbon

Alfama, Lisbon, Miradouro Santa Luzia

1. Oldest City

Lisbon is the oldest city in Western Europe, even predating to Paris, London and Rome . Along centuries had several rebuild processes and even now you will see it. Visigods, Romans, Moors have been to this amazing city. Its the Portuguese capital since the XII century.

2. Seven Hills

Lisbon is constructed on seven hills. Its known in Portuguese as the city of “Sete Colinas” . Bring comfortable shoes to walk.

3. Vasco da Gama Bridge

Portugal, Vasco da Gama, Lisbon facts

Lisbon as the major bridge in Europe with 17 kilometres ( 10,56 miles ). The bridge is the 2nd connection from Lisbon to Alcochete / Montijo ( south margin of the Tagus River ). The first bridge is 25 April bridge and connects Lisbon to Almada / Setubal / Costa da Caparica.

4. Church Construction World Guiness Record

Santa Engrácia Church is mentioned on the World Guiness Book of Records has the church took more time to be constructed. The consctruction started during the XVII century and ended in 1966 ( XX century).

5. Graffiti

Lisbon as a great deal of street art with all, floors and buildings demanding your attention. Nowdays its a fact that artists have authorization from the city council to make their work. Vhils, is the most well known due to the vast work made and the participation on a U2 music video.

6. Great Lisbon Earthquake

In 1755 a huge earthquake struck the capital . Destroyed the main ancient buildings in Lisbon but also in biggest radius distance , such as in Sintra ( Pena Palace, that previous was a convent ). From the earthquake to tsunami, easily swollow Lisbon downtown .

7. Lisbon´s Oceanarium

Its one of the biggest aquarium´s in the World . His portfolio goes into 8000 sea creatures divided between the central main tank and four habitats . Total amount of litres : 8 million litres.

8. Baixa

Facts, Tram 28, Lisbon
Located in Lisbon downtown, Baixa is the civil parish where you will find an amazing amount of hotels, coffee shops, pastry shops, restaurants, tiny streets and amazing squares.

Lisbon facts

9. Sweet facts

Portuguese love sweets and the most famous is perhaps the custard . You will find it in most of the coffee shops ( which we make on the pastry class ). There is not specific hour to eat them . Breakfast, dessert with coffee or as snack, all are good options.

Pasteis de Nata Class, Lisbon, Portugal

10. Lowest and Highest Point

The Portuguese capital is constructed near water. From the river side ( Baixa, Alfama, Mouraria, Cais do Sodre area ) to the interior ( Areeiro, Alameda, Anjos,  Monsanto ). The elevation is 0m ( 0 ft ) to a maximum of 199 metres ( 653 ft) in Serra de Monsanto .

11. Civilizations

In Lisbon, you will twenty centuries of history . Roman ruins, Moorish castle. The city has an amazing diversity of cultures and civilizations vestiges.

12. Museums

Lisbon has more than 30 museums that can you visit. Tiles, design, fashion, Ethnology, Culture, Coach, Ancient Art, Archaeology are just some of the list you would love to visit.

These are some of the facts of the Portuguese capital, where you will find also amazing Portuguese that you will love to engage .

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