5 dishes from cooking classes

Dishes: uttlefish algarve styleDuring the cooking classes in 2014, Cooking Lisbon had made with people from different countries several dishes.

On the regular cooking classes and market tours, our chefs make portuguese traditional gastronomy. Diversity of our gastronomy is huge.

Cooking Lisbon besides a wonderful experience, love to promote the local dishes with foreigners.

One dish that has a great impact is the Cuttlefish Algarve Style. Most of the times that people cooked have made with boiled potatoes, but it is also possible to have fried potatoes.

chicken on the pot, portuguese dishes

Due to some preferences, Cooking Lisbon introduced several dishes with chicken. One of the favorite that people love to taste is Chicken in the Pot.

Since the original recipe is made with a specific clay pot and in some countries will not be available, we are making it in a pan. From North America to Asia, will be more easy to cook .

We serve the chicken with some green and/or red pepper, tomatoes and an amazing rice.

Cooking Lisbon uses Bom Sucesso brand, an amazing rice to cook. 100% portuguese, gives the real flavor from a portuguese traditional dish.

codfish with cream, portuguese dishes

Portugal is also known by the huge diversity of codfish dishes. The portuguese have available more than 1000 recipes based on the category of fish.

The portuguese shore don´t have codfish. It is imported mainly from Norway, Canada and South Pacific.

Some of the best traditional dishes are: Codfish with cream (on the picture), Codfish Brás Style, Codfish Lagareiro Style, Codfish Gomes Sá.

During the cooking classes it is common to have one of these mentioned options.

Other dishes not traditional

cheese and tomatoes toasted

Besides Cooking Classes and Market Tours, Cooking Lisbon has also available events into team building for national and international companies for a maximum of 14 people in the kitchen.

We make a bridge between the gastronomy and business development, showing the cooperation that is needed between members of the group.

On these cases, we make different dishes than the portuguese gastronomy.

A good example is the starter with bread, tomatoes, cheese and a portuguese oliva pasta.

chicken with cornflakesThe members of the groups have different tasks to make, besides the entire process of cook. They need to manage the tools available, the ingredients that can have an excellent result: Excellent Meal.

Last picture, Chicken with Cornflakes. Surprised? Yes, it is possible to blend these two different ingredients in specific cooking process.

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