Brides, Groom, Bachelorette and Bachelors Parties

Cooking Lisbon is used to receive Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. Brides and Grooms happy with the moment and it is always a surprise for them.

During the last 15 months of our activity, we have received brides, grooms and their best friends celebrating a very special day : the wedding day.Private Groups, Cooking Lisbon

Our promise is total privacy on the room, since it will be exclusive for the group. Cooking Lisbon organizes every moment with the leader of the group, setting up the courses and activities.

Bachelor or bacherolette party groups can choose to have a Cooking Class or a Market Tour with Cooking Class. Our promise is 100% portuguese traditional gastronomy and we will send the recipes after the event.

Lisbon Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette and Bachelors Parties

During our activity we received people from United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, United States of America, Canada, Portugal and even from Australia.

Each group has is own dynamic, preferences, activities schedule in Lisbon, Portugal. We make our best that your group can have a wonderful and unique experience.

Lisbon Bachelorette Party Classes

One of the most spectular bachelor parties was with a groom from Australia. Relax enought to go outside from our first kitchen, when we were located near Av. da Liberdade in Lisbon.  What a day !

bachelor party cooking lisbon

He married in Sintra, at Pena Palace on the top of hill. Portugal, was the most central country for the people present at the wedding.

Are you organizing a Bachelorette or Bachelor party? Keep in touch with Cooking Lisbon, we have the experience, we have a private space for your party and group. Visit our private groups page and tell us more information about your party.

Bride Bachelorette Party Cooking Lisbon

At Cooking Lisbon, we have available free wifi (fast web access), datashow, 125 sqm exclusive for your group . You will have a different experience with Portuguese Traditional Gastronomy while our will give the instructions of the step by step.

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