The Best Bachelorette Party Idea

The best bachelorette party idea in Lisbon will be a cooking class with your group. The organization of the party is very simple. You just need to know the health restrictions, religious restrictions, day, hours and thats it.

Bachelorette cooking class party

Your bachelorette party will be in total privacy. You don´t need to bring any ingredients or drinks (wines, water, juice, coke, beer is included and without any limit). Everything is included on the price

Bachelorette private class bride

The cooking class is totally hands-on, relaxed and cozy environment. People will feel comfortable like they were cooking at home, under the instructions of a local chef .

Bachelorette friendship party bride

People will have time enough to take pictures, speak with each other, give some hugs, speeches while they make the cooking activity. Our class will be into Portuguese traditional gastronomy. We serve the Portuguese wines, but you have also available other drinks while you are at the activity.

Bachelorette party bride wedding

Its the perfect moment for the bride. Previous to the wedding, every bride loves to join her friends and have funny moments together. Its a unique moment between friends and family.

Bachelorette bride party

Already done all talks given by our chef? It is the moment to sit and enjoy the meal ( lunch or dinner ) that all members of the group prepared. The menu? Usually we serve a fish dish, meat dish, dessert .

The Best Bachelorette Party Idea

One of the Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

For this specific bachelorette party we choose the Sausages Wrapped in Cabbage. We can choose between white and red meats (by default its pork meat ) Fish dish? Well, we can move in very different directions using the several fish options of the Portuguese gastronomy.

Saudages wrapped with cabbages

If you like the challenge, you can cook using our recipe of the Sausages wrapped in Cabbage .  Besides this recipe, you will find other recipes online on the footer of our website.

Request a quote for your bachelorette party idea . Give us the maximum information possible ( number of people, health restrictions, religious restrictions, best days for the day, lunch or dinner).

You may follow Cooking Lisbon food experience activities on Instagram , Facebook , Twitter . Above all, its important that in every class people can have an excellent moment of fun and food. Check our activities, you will not regret.

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