Best hen party activity in Lisbon

Best hen party activity in Lisbon? If your group loves food and sightseeing, we believe that we have the perfect solution. Cooking Lisbon organizes hen parties or bachelorette parties since 2014.

We believe that each group is a different group, since its common to have their own requirements. However, what they have is common is the passion for culinary.

The best hen party we can organize is into Portuguese gastronomy. Participants will discover the flavors of the real local food. We understand how important can be your schedules with different activities.

Some groups prefer to join people around the table on an authentic food cooking process during a hands on cooking class. While others prefer a shorter baking class, with duration around 1h30m to bake pastéis de nata .

Tins, Tuk Tuk Pasteis de Nata Tour

Cooking Lisbon made already some of the best hen parties for brides from United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, France, Australia, United States of America and Canada.

Groups from United States and Canada travel for a long period, while the European groups usually visit the Portuguese capital on a city break base.

From Canada its very common people from Toronto. Perhaps because where you will find the major Portuguese community in this country. In United States, New Jersey or Boston are the most common.

Its always a pleasure to receive these groups, since we offer different solutions. Another key factor are weddings from foreigners in Portugal. During the last years increased the amount. As result, emerges several companies specialized as wedding planners.

Culinary event advantages on a hen party

  • Facilities : its an indoor activity, weather will be less one point on the equation.
  • Health Restrictions or Religious restrictions : each group has always people with intolerance to specific ingredients. Independent of your group dimension, Cooking Lisbon will provide a dish. Some will be celiacs while others can have lactose intolerants. (even vegetarians / pescatarians or vegans).
  • Schedules : possible to tailor made the schedule of your group, however we always advise lunch or dinner time (hands on cooking class) or tailor made or morning ( pastry class ).

Tips for hen parties in Lisbon

  • Lisbon offers local accommodation where you will be able to book directly or booking platforms. If your group stay in a flat, respect locals during your stay.
  • Language : we speak Portuguese, however our second language is english . Dont forget that that most of the Portuguese will also understand Spanish and a little bit of French . Be nice.
  • After party, arriving at your accommodation respect neighbors. Think that probably they are sleeping. Your behavior contributes also to the fame of local hosting and you are also the image of your country.
  • Drinking legal age : 18 years old.

Best Bachelorette party with Lisbon Sightseeing?

Yes. We have also solutions that your group will be able to make a short sightseeing tour in Lisbon before a culinary class. In 2019 we engage with a local electric tuk tuk company to develop two services. Tuk Away & Cooking Lisbon organizes Tuk Tuk Lisbon Market Tour and Tuk Tuk Pastéis de Nata.

Imagine your group in a sightseeing tour by a electric tuk tuk ( or several . Each electric tuk tuk can take a maximum of 4 or 6 seats ). After visiting the most traditional civil parishes you will cook in a hands-on culinary activity.

Challenge us, in something new … you will not regret! Contact us .

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