Best Instagram videos while Cooking

Best Instagram videos while cooking, thats the start for this post that we would love to share with you. On every class people will taste, cook and eat what they made.

We select these three short videos shared on Instagram . Why this three? They represent several situations at Cooking Lisbon during the regular classes or groups events.

Pavlova video, Portuguese have an huge amount of sweets and conventual sweets . However, we choose this one since most of people on the private groups is the number 1 choice.

During our food experiences for Portuguese groups its interesting that most of the locals choose this option. Based on egg whites ( mainly ) has also one reduction.

Portugal is on the top 3 of Olive Oil production while Spain and Italy have the first two positions of the rank. During all cooking experiences, Olive Oil from Gallo is always present and you will be able to taste it.

Besides three premium Olive Oil products from Gallo Worldwide, you will feel the flavours of the Portuguese chorizo.

A meat dish is always a great moment at our facilities. We had it as one of the Best Instagram Video because people think Portuguese only consumes pork . In fact, we consume several meats and on the video you will find the base for an amazing Chicken on the Pot .

Do you use Instagram? Great ! Share your best Instagram videos with food. It doesn´t matter if it is the main course or a dessert. Share it !

You can follow Instagram Cooking Lisbon account, where we share the best Instagram videos of our experiences.

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