Building Good Relations

Building good relationships with companies and entrepreneurs was the path during the last two years of activity on team building events.

More than the Christmas Season, where is common to join the human resources for a private event, it is also time to think about the next year, goals, results, but the major goal is linking people.

Building good relationships, team working

There is several types of activities and experiences that companies used to make, from indoor activities to outdoors activities. Each one has his goal and people develop the skills in very different ways and methodologies.

Human beings are by default social creatures. People think on building relationships having positive moments and interactions.

The rise of social media networks such as Facebook or much more professional Linkedin, gave a new direction and meaning to engagement between people.

Will offline meetings and interactions decrease? It is possible to create a model between online and offline, but it will be always different the way the engagement occurs.

People still prefers the offline model, such as food experiences, cooking activities, among many others.

The reunion for example of managers from different countries, that are used to work with a videoconference tool solves several issues from the projects that are involved.

haworth team building group

Sometimes, just 5 minutes of chatting is necessary, while they wait for instructions of their indoor activity. They are building a good relationship that solves questions and doubts from their projects.

Happy people presents better results at work and even on social environment. People with develop much more efforts to obtain better results, when they have the perception of recognition.

Advantages of Building Good Relationships

  • Increases the results in the future of the company or personal relations;
  • Relax moment, developing skills;
  • People are open mind to different activities;
  • Increasing of network contacts;
  • More involvement on team projects / work;
Cooking Lisbon develops at the moment four solutions into team building event which builds good relationships between people. Its possible to organize from Market Cooking Classes, Cheese and Wines Class, Winemaker for a Day and private dinners. Request your quote on the private groups page.
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