Cataplana Pan ? Seafood? Sauce?

Cataplana pot is very interesting to cook . The pot is a double half concave pans which are united with a security hinge and has two side locks. You can make delicious food with the correct ingredients in the right portions. The steam inside will cook it in the correct speed and time.

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Cataplana is typically from Algarve Portuguese region. His production started several decade ago in Algarve region, in the South of Portugal. Made by ancient coppers artisans, they had the expertise to work with this type of material.

During decades its manufacture was handmade. However, the fame of this pot and the disappearance of the artisans with the arrival of industry, they start to be in aluminum . One of the most famous brand , SILAMPOS has a huge reputation and they export already worldwide.

Some questions that people make on the market tours with cooking class and specially on the seafood experiences we have.

What is Cataplana Sauce?

The tradition and experience while cooking says that is the result of the steam with the main ingredients used which relief some water ( of course in some recipes also white wine ).

Cooking Lisbon, Seafood Cataplana

Typically is used as base red pepper sauce, tomatoes, chorizo olive oil, onions, garlic and also some red bell peppers or green bell peppers . Really depends of the recipe. Notice that you can also cook meat and there is several recipes.

What is in a cataplana ?

Besides the cataplana sauce mentioned before, you will find the main ingredients such as seafood, shellfish and potatoes. The combination of all these flavors will give you the perfect meal that you will love.


Silampos , the Portuguese brand has at the moment two products in stainless steel with different dimensions that can work from 4 to 10 persons according the size you choose. Silampos cataplanas are suitable for all heat sources, including induction ( which we use at Cooking Lisbon mainly at the seafood experience ).

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