Conventual Sweet Papos de Anjo

Papos de Anjo is another conventual sweet from Portugal . Conventual sweets started during the XV century, when the egg whites were used at the convents to starch noon habits.

During this period, sugar started to be used on the convents instead of honey . With the colonization of Madeira Island, sugar had a biggest importance and farmed on the island.
Conventual Sweets, Amarante, Papos de Anjo
The conventual sweets uses large portions of sugar blended with egg yolks. It is possible to find a huge list from North to South of Portugal of conventual sweets. Some of the best conventual sweets : Papo de Anjo, Pastel de Santa Clara, Pastel de Belém, “barriga-de-freira”, “brisas do lis”, ” fios de ovos”, Almonds Cake – Toucinho do Céu” and many others (Portugal has more 100 conventual sweets).

Papos de Anjo is originally from Douro Litoral. Douro is also know by the amazing Port Wine and wines in general. Near, the Douro Valley presents amazing landscape views to the visitors, a blend of blue and green, specially on the vineyards.

Amarante becomes popular with the arrival of São Gonçalo (1187 – 1259), after a visit to Rome and Jerusalém . Amarante becomes the destination of pilgrimages and the town grew.

On XVI century, the portuguese king ordered the construction of the Monastery São Gonçalo, near to a small chapel and Tâmega River.

On XIX century, Napolean Bonaparte tried to invade Portugal and his troops passed through Amarante, where a battle became famous : The Defene of Amarante Bridge.

Besides Papos de Anjo in Douro

Douro is know for the wine since the first century in Iberia Peninsula, due to the roman ocupation. Only on the XVII century Port Wine increased his production and sales. It was the result of the Methwen Treaty.

The most famous grapes on the wine Douro region are Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cão and Tinta Roriz. If you visit Portugal, it will be more common to find this conventual sweet on the North region.

Do you want to learn how to make it? Cooking Lisbon make it during the cooking classes or market tours .

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