Cruise Ships visiting Lisbon

Cruise ships are excellent to get in touch with several cultures without pack and unpack on regular basis. The main advantage is the visit to several cities during the day, while the cruise ships move during night to other country or city.

Cruise Ship, Lisbon, Costa Pacifica

Lisbon received during the last 5 years an average of 320 cruise ships. Usually, they arrive between 7am and 8am. Travelers leave at 9am to discover the Portuguese capital or to make the different shore excursions.

The first impact about Lisbon is the colors and weather. Rains very few days in Winter and occasionally in April and September.

Gastronomy is an huge thing in Portugal. Portuguese love to eat and drink, tell stories and proud of their history.

The Age of Discoveries had an huge impact on local cuisine. Brazil gave the sugar can, India gave species but Portuguese also shared their gastronomy.

Lisbon Cruise Ships Marques

Lisbon Downtown has amazing shops, some of them with an amazing story. Gifts based on cork are common and visiting Lisbon without tasting the famous Pastel de Nata will be strange.

Leaving the cruise ship you will be in front of Alfama civil parish. This area is know by the fado singer and fado restaurants (at night). Nearby, you can visit the Fado Museum, Se Cathedral, Saint George Castle and of course Rossio e Chiado.

Best classes for a cruise ship traveler

Cooking Lisbon has morning culinary classes that fits most of the cruise ships while they are in Lisbon. The classes start at 9:30 am and end at 2:30 pm .

Lisbon Cruise Ships Shore

Market Tour with Cooking Class (Thursdays and Saturdays) you will visit a market while our chef explains the biggest ingredients of our gastronomy, fish, meat. After, you will have the hands-on class and meal.

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Lisbon factsLisbon, Alfama, Photo: Diego Delso