Delicious Food, wines, beers and weather

Delicious food is what you will find in Lisbon. In every corner, you will see coffee-shops and restaurants while you walk in the Portuguese capital. You will find food or concepts from different Continents. Most common will be Chinese, Indian and of course the Portuguese .

Portuguese gastronomy is easy to cook. One of the main aspects while people make our cooking class, market tour or even the vegetarian cooking class is the simplicity of the whole process. Portuguese food always have wines pairings . Portugal or the Portuguese, are one of the main wine consumer per capita worldwide. Its a fact!

Delicious Food
Delicious Food

More than Delicious Food…

In Portugal you will find wines in all territory ( islands included ). More than 300 grapes variety and more than 55.000 wine brands. Its a big number for the dimension of the country. As you may imagine, we have diversity, flavors and even different ways to produce wine. Its common to engage to locals talking about Portuguese wines and they always make a link with delicious food. Their experience and advices are important.

For you, while visiting Portugal, you will get an amazing culture that loves to engage. Portuguese in general will explain when you ask, they will speak in english and by the way, never say “gracias” , its a Spanish term.

In the Summer, Portuguese but also people from other countries, love to drink “Imperial”. It is a small glass from 22 to 30 cl of beer, usually fresh (otherwise, don´t accept it). Its served fresh, because in general we have hot temperatures, from 30 to 40 Celsius degrees. Portugal has now days more than 100 brands of craft beers, but the market is shared between two major brands ( Sagres and Super Bock ).

What the Portuguese prefer to drink? Some will answer you wines of course, others may answer Beer. As conclusion, Portuguese love to drink both drinks … wines and beers, but always with delicious food. To see some of the delicious dishes, join us on Facebook and share . Lisbon cooking classes, food experiences or walking food tours will be excellent moments of your trip.

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