Dom Pedro IV, known as Rossio

Dom Pedro IV Square is one of the most central points of Lisbon. Locals and foreigner refer it as Rossio . Its a central point of the city with an amazing light and a wave-patterned mosaic pavement .

Cooking Lisbon, Rossio, Praca Dom Pedro IV, Fountain, Statue

This unique pavement you will be able also to find in other parts of the city, however becomes reproduced also in Rio de Janeiro ( Brazil ) and Macau ( China ).

On the north side of Dom Pedro IV Square you will find the amazing theater Dona Maria II. As central point of the square you can see the amazing statue of King Pedro IV, standing 27 meters high ( 89 ft ) . On the North and South of the statue you will see lots of people taking pictures to the unique fountains .

On the right side of Dona Maria II theatre , you will find one of the most famous liquor shops where you will be able to drink a ginginha ( cherry liquor ). In front of this shop, you will find a monument in Lisbon in memory of thousands of jews who were victims of intolerance and religious fanaticism.

This monument is the meeting point of our Downtown – Mouraria Food & Cultural walking tour .

Cooking Lisbon, Rossio, Praca Dom Pedro IV Fountain

Rossio Train Station

From the statue turned to Dona Maria II theater, on the left side you will be able to see Rossio Train Station  . Now days, its one of the options to catch the train till Sintra . In Sintra you have amazing sights such as : Pena Palace, Sintra National Palace, Moorish Castle, lots of local commerce.  If you will visit Sintra, you need to taste the local sweets :  Travesseiros de Sintra and Queijadas de Sintra.

These two baroque style fountains are beautiful during the day, but also at night with the lights where you will be able to take amazing pictures. This square, is side by side with Praça da Figueira. On this Square you will find the statue of John I (1357–1433) .

Cooking Lisbon, Praça da Figueira, Dom Joao I

The statue is in this location since 1971 when the square became an open space. The monument carries the medallions of João das Regras and Nuno Álvares Pereira , key characters on the 1385 Revolution . This revolution brought John I to the power.

On the South part of the square you will find Rua Augusta ( Augusta Street ). This street is famous to connect Dom Pedro IV square to Commerce Square. In the end you will find the amazing Arc ( if you have time, visit the top of the Arc ). Its also a place of several restaurants to please foreigners. Most of these restaurants presents international food or some mix with Portuguese cooking .


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