Downtown Rossio Train Station

Rossio Train Station born with the idea of build link between East Line and Western Line in 1886. The architect José Luis Monteiro was the father of the main building, first named by Lisbon Central Station (only laster Rossio Station).

The building was executed by the companies called DuParcly & Bertissol, Papot & Blancard and E. Beraud. During 1887 was necessary the demolition of several building, to become possible the construction of the Lisbon Central Station.

Lisbon, Rossio Train Station by night

It took 2 years to make the Rossio Tunnel and Lisbon Central Station . The main building was planned to have 43,5 by 23 meters and the side body 45 by 19 meters.

In 1891 was the official opening of Rossio Train Station (located on Lisbon downtown and in those days called has Lisbon Central Station). The proximity with the oldest civil parish of the city was huge, such as Mouraria, Alfama, Rossio, Restauradores, Madragoa, Chiado, Bairro Alto, Estrela.

In 1893 was installed electric lighting at the station and tunnel, with own equipment that was generating electricity.

The watched Garnier were installed in 1902, among other rebuildings like switchs lifts (elevators), hoists, signals. It was important that everything works with electic energy.

Later in 1943 and for the first time, it was from Rossio Train Station that made the maiden voyage between Lisbon and Madrid (Spain), under the name of Lusitania Expresso. This rail link worked till 1995.

Rossio Train Station big changes

The long distance trains were transferred to Santa Apolónia Train Station. Located at the west side of Lisbon and with connection to Porto, in the north of the country.

In 1970, it was installed a new ticket sales machine system and 5 years later. The first attempt to monetize the railway property, through the creation of a small shopping center.

Later, on the 90´s were planned as part of modernization the connection with Lisbon Subway and several other ideas. Nowdays, it is surrounded by explanades, hotel, hostel, still several shops among one famous international coffee shop network.

Perfect to visit while you are in downtown of the portuguese capital.

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