French Bachelor Party With Cooking Class

French Bachelor Party started with the arrival to Cooking Lisbon for a very special class at our kitchen. One bride should be prepared for everything and she was!

french bachelor party olive oil

With a total of 8 friends plus the bride, we started our fast presentation. In every cooking class, market tour or pastry and baking class, we have available free wifi, where people can send or upload pictures, using the social networks, among other apps.

Cooking Lisbon developed a tailor made proposal for the french Bachelor Party, with one course only. The idea was to prepare the bride for the wedding, sharing the recipe of the Codfish croquettes.

For the codfish croquettes we mix the potatoes, cod, parsley and onions in a bowl, add salt, nutmed, pepper and eggs to blend.

French Bachelor Party, Special Plating

Codfish Croquettes by French

We give two spoons to several people, that could participate on the activity. The bride was proud to learn a Portuguese traditional recipe, that could share with her lover.During the frying process, we had a competition with teams of two people. In the end, all the french people were winners.

French , Paris , Bachelor Party

The final picture from the group. it was an amazing night learning our french and habits of a french bride with one portuguese. They will leave in Paris France, but with the responsability to have more knowledge.

Cooking Lisbon is always available to develop a tailor made proposal for your bachelor party. Tell us what are you searching for and we will develop a proposal for your group. Contact us!.

Do you want to see more pictures about this group? Check us on Instagram, clicking here (to see the technique of making a codfish croquette before it is fried) or here (to see an original plating, made by the friends of the bride.

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