What is GMT time zone?

GMT means Greenwich Mean Time. Its a clock time in Lisbon at Royal Observatory in Greenwich. All year round has the same hour and it is not affected by Daylight Saving Time ( Summer Time ) clock changes .

GMT is a tome zone used by Portugal, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland. However Portugal you can subdivide in 2 time zones, since in Azores Islands is always less 1 hour comparing with Madeira Island and Portugal Continental.

Do the clocks change in Portugal?

These countries uses GMT from October to March and GMT +1 from March to October. This means that in March we add 1 hour to the clocks and in October we delay the exactly same time.

It is common for travelers from North America to rest on the first day. Why? because its common to have 7 to 9 hours flights to arrive to country. Also common, people from Asia or Australia. Usually they take several flights to arrive to Portugal and they really would love to rest some few hours. After that, they are ready to meet Lisbon ( or Porto ), Portugal and the Portuguese.

Checking GMT hours in Portugal vs your country/city

With these examples, it is clear what hours you might have of difference between your country or city and Portugal ( Continental and Madeira ) . The perfect help if you are thinking in booking a Online Workshop with Cooking Lisbon .

The first picture shows you difference of time between Portugal and North America . Organized by countries and main cities ( if you dont find yours, sorry, we could not write all cities).

GMT, North America

Next picture, you will find difference of hours between Portugal and a list of European Countries, Asia and Australia.

GMT Europe, Asia, Australia

Important :
Always check first if Portugal is in GMT or GMT 1, according the season.

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