Learning the Portuguese Traditional Cuisine

Learning the Portuguese Traditional Cuisine was the mission of this group from United States and Mexico.  We receive this amazing people that travels to Lisbon and Portugal. During their stay in Lisbon, Cooking Lisbon was chosen to make a cooking class and share the very best of the Portuguese gastronomy.

After they arrive we served at white wine with muscat grape and everything was prepared. They started with the dessert, since needs a little time on refrigerator to get some cold.

Portuguese Traditional Cuisine, GroupWe prepared the meat with red pepper and leave it to rest some minutes. It was time to cook the codfish and teach one of the hundred recipes possible to make.

We choose Codfish Brás Style and we cook it with Gallo Olive Oil to give a better taste and preserve the portuguese tradition.

Between conversation and funny moments, everyone participate on the tasks, that they could have an amazing meal in the end.

The asparagus with dribble eggs were amazing, few salt. Cooking Lisbon uses during their classes the Salt Flower (the first layer).

Learning the Portuguese Traditional Cuisine Video

Around the island of Cooking Lisbon kitchen people work hard using fresh ingredients to produce the best meal.



The final result? Learning some dishes of the Portuguese traditional cuisine and some points of local gastronomy can be fun. Everyone had tasted two different portuguese wines, Gallo olive oil of late harvest and 1st crop.

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