Lisbon Rain Activities

Lisbon rain activities? Perhaps one of the highest questions for winter travelers. The good thing of travel to the Portuguese capital and Portugal in general is the weather.

Travelers love Portugal by many factors . Weather is perhaps on the top of the mind, however you they also mention delicious food and how the locals establish a good relation with travelers.

Travelers will notice that Portuguese with less than 55 years old speak English as second language. While Portuguese above that age will speak French. Do you need to ask something? Look around and find someone that will fit in english or french. This subject has a strong relation with the education system changes back to the 80´s . Now days, english is present already as second language on the kinder garden .

Lisbon Rain Activities

Lisbon rain activities, what to do?

You are reading this article, probably because its raining on the Portuguese capital. Some of the activities you can make while here:

Authentic Portuguese Food Cooking Class

Runs 4 days per week, follow the link to know more what is included besides a delicious meal served with Portuguese products.

Tuk Tuk Pastéis de Nata Class

You would love to learn how to make the famous Portuguese egg custard tarts? This is the perfect option. After a short ride in Lisbon by an electric tuk tuk, you will learn the step by step how to make them.

Museums in Lisbon

National Coach Museum, Tiles Museum or Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Pavilion of Knowledge) – Ciência Viva Centre are just some of the different options you have. Choose according your preference and interest, you will several options.

Live Music

Lisbon has an amazing night life. From small houses to arena , you will find shows with different dimensions . You can have for example a night of live fado music . You will find several restaurants in Alfama, Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré area.

Pick what can be the best option for you. Lisbon rain activities, you will alway find what to do in the Portuguese capital.

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