Livramento Market

Livramento Market in Setúbal was inaugurated in 1876 and replaced by another building in 1930 with the layout known today. The rebuilding process back to 2013 brings new ideas and new exposure to the facilities and market life.

Livramento Market, Portugal

Livramento market is located on Avenida Luisa Todi in Setúbal, close to the historical center of this beautiful city . Setúbal has an amazing gastronomy based on fish but also some of the delicious sweets. Our favorite perhaps is Tortas ( rolls ) de Azeitão.

The market has an amazing reputation won by the fish and shellfish diversity, however vegetables and fruits have also an outstanding quality and diversity.

During a visit to Livramento Market is possible to find happiness on the vendors, proud of their products. Each one defends their fish or shellfish quality since the level is very highest. Of course, you will find also butchers selling meat and local coffee shops. Very unique on the top north of the Market is the vendor specialized on spices. You will discover an amazing diversity which is not common to find in the Portuguese markets .

Livramento Market, Setubal

Setúbal is also famous for the personalities of the region . From artist Fernando Pessoa to the football coach José Mourinho as locals , but also foreigners such as Hans-Christian Anderson ( Odense, Denmark). This Danish poet wrote some of the most famous fairy tales such as : “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “The Little Mermaid”, “The Nightingale”, “The Snow Queen”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Little Match Girl” and “Thumbelina”.

Setubal, Porto, Fisherman

More than Livramento Market

Setúbal is much more than a city, is also an district in Portugal, its a region of food and wine , where you will find more than 250 wine producers and a landscape of vineyards more to the interior .

In this region you will find the famous cheese of Azeitão . Azeitão is a small town , in the municipality of Setúbal.  It has the PDO status in the European Union. In 2014 it was classified has one of the top 50 best World gastronomic products by Great Taste Awards. Azeitão Cheese also won several national awards .

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