Market Experience to cook after

Market experience to cook after everything is bought. This is the proposal of Cooking Lisbon in different services they provide. Lisbon receives people from a vast list of countries and all Continents. Food lovers search for food experiences and Portugal has diversity.

Market Experience, Cooking Lisbon, Cleaning
Market Experience, Cooking Lisbon, Cleaning

Cooking Lisbon was founded in 2013 and people learned about the seafood, shellfish, vegetables and meat. Portuguese gastronomy has everything. For a foreigner, it might discover a few surprises while cooking after the visit to the local market.

Each Lisbon market, is a market experience itself. The Portuguese capital has 13 markets. If its not enough, Cooking Lisbon also provides a visit to one of the best markets in the World : The Livramento Market . Located in Setúbal has a huge diversity of ingredients.

All experiences have three moments . The market experience where you will visit a local market with one professional chef from our team. The second moment the hands-on cooking class, in which you will have tasks assigned. The final moment , the meal you cooked.

Market Experience, Monkfish with 25 kgs
Monkfish with 25 kgs

Market Experience, learning the local main products and dishes

Food & Wine Experience

In brief way to describe it, its an experience that you will visit Livramento Market. After, you will make a wine tasting in Setúbal wine region. Returning to Lisbon, time to follow the step by step of the hands-on cooking class producing the final meal.

Tuk Tuk Lisbon Market Tour

Meeting point in our facilities, you will enjoy a electric tuk tuk sightseeing tour. During 60 ato 70 minutes you will meet Lisbon in a different approach. You will visit the market 31 de Janeiro in Picoas. Our pro chef will acquire the ingredients for the hands-on cooking class. Will assign you tasks to make and in the end, a wonderful meal.

Market Tour with Cooking Class

Joining this market experience, you will walk in one of the most emblematic avenues of Lisbon. Arriving to Mercado do Chile, our pro chef will make the connection with Portuguese gastronomy, history and acquire the ingredients.

In conclusion, you learn always whatever market experience you choose. While in Lisbon, cook and eat like a Portuguese. Taste some Portuguese wines instead of other drinks, you will love it.

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