From Norway to Lisbon Cooking Classes

Last Friday we had a group from Norway that made a cooking class with Cooking Lisbon, Portugal.

Group from Norway on a cooking class in Lisbon, Portugal

Everything started at 6 pm, serving white wine from Setúbal wine region and presenting our menu for the night. The chef explained the menu, which had a starter, fish dish, meat dish and a dessert.

This private group didn´t have anyone with glúten problems, but we still made a glúten free menu. Divided in groups, we distribute tasks to each one that everybody could work with ingredients and prepare the final meal.

This private group from Norway was our first group and people from this european country and it was a pleasure to known more about their culture and share ours. Our first dish was Codfish Brás Style. It has been a real funny moment since the major percentage of cod in Portugal arrives from Norway. In fact, the country has not this type of fish on the Atlantic Water.

Group from Norway and the Olive Oil Tasting

Through the night, they were relaxed with the environment and conversation flows in very different subjects like the portuguese wines, traditions, sightseeings, wine regions, olive oil, products and services that Portugal export worldwide.

From whites do red wines, the group prepare and taste the lovely Pork Meat Portuguese Style. We served a red wine from Douro Wine Region (grape varieties: Malvasia Fina, Fernão Pires and Viosinho).

During the dinner, the group had the opportunity to taste the best Portuguese premium olive oil from Gallo. If interested in participate in one of our cooking classes or market tours, feel free to check availability of your favorite day.  During our experiences, we serve white wine and red wine, that you drink, while you are cooking .

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