Outdoor private group event

Outdoor private group event a special day with people from United States and United Kingdom in Parede / Cascais. A Sunday morning after 5 days traveling in Portugal. They want a different activity, out of the box and we were ready to start at 11 am.

Winemaker for a day seems perfect to learn and enjoy the moment while they were on the last days visiting our country. Its a wine game that people love. Can be made as a corporate team building or as a private group. In the end, the result is excellent and participants are happy.

Everyone on their seats and we started to explain the winemaker for a day while people we making also some questions. Simple questions which solved also the issues along the game and curiosity of the activity.

Outdoor Private Group Event

The location was perfect. Excellent view over the Atlantic Ocean in Parede. We would love the waves beating on the white sand of the beach. It was a lovely location while people were making the outdoor private group event. Congratulations to the organization of the whole trip for this excellent spot.

Meanwhile it was time to start with the wine lab moment, where people test different portions of the monocast wines. Three monocast to choose which they consider perfect since each one has a different aroma, taste and excellent ending.

Winners of the Outdoor private group event

Besides the wine game of the winemaker for a day activity we took some waters and some crackers to balance. The presentation of each group? Perfect speech, words and explanations. Funny moments from a morning with this amazing group. Every group is a winner! What is the best wine ? The wine you love to taste, drink while you enjoy it in social environment .

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