Portuguese Cooking Experiences

Portuguese Experiences are the main goal of Cooking Lisbon. Our activities are organized with professional chefs and in english.

Celebrating the second year of activity, we launched several cooking experiences where people can choose the favorite.

Totally hands-on, we started in February 2014, with cooking classes and market tours. We received till now people from all continents.

market portuguese experiences

Later on August 2014, we launched the Pastry Class. People will learn in 90 minutes the pastéis de nata and a second recipe

Every recipes are delivered in PDF format, that people can cook at home, using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Learning with foreigners their culture, but also sharing tips of what to visit in Portugal, we share more than the Portuguese experiences with cooking.

We are sharing the touristic and not touristic spots to visit, while people visit our country.

March and April 2015, brings us hard work, changing our location in Lisbon while still making classes on the 1st location.

Market Tour, Fish Cataplana, Portugal

During one month we carry on with the cooking and typical Portuguese experiences on our first spot and rebuilding the new office.

April 14th after 72 hours almost without sleep, we opened doors for a pastry class with a big smile (and lots of hours without sleep).

We took our first month to adjust to this new reality of 1345 ft2 (before 387 ft2). Improve the kitchen with an amazing area to have the meal, bar and a lounge area.

Our decoration has the with influence of Portuguese culture with a Portuguese guitar, adufe, wines, cork, among many other key aspects.

July 2015 we launched two services, that people we demanding and waiting for it. A different cooking experience with gourmet aspects. The concept is to use the most common traditional ingredients with the modern techniques.

New Portuguese Experiences

We called Gourmet Portuguese Cooking Class . During the class, some smoke techniques and others. 

Gourmet, Portuguese Experiences

In June 2015 we notice that there is interested on a advanced class with different techniques. The question was, what we could make different that fits on the portuguese cooking experience to provide to tourists.

Cooking Lisbon has available Gourmet Portuguese Class. The class is related to Portuguese seasonal ingredients and new techniques of cooking.Cheeses and Wines, Glasses, Portugal

This year also present the Cheeses and Wines Class on Cooking Lisbon for group events . The concept is what we can called lunch of tapas, with our expertise in cheese and wines, presenting Portugal and the different wine regions and pairings with cheeses.



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