Quinta do Todão , DOC Douro wines

Quinta to Todão is a sign of tradition and history . Located in the Douro wine region is related with Portuguese history and famous personalities since XIII century.

Quinta do Todão , Harvest

Quinta do Todão is located on the civil parish of Gouvinhas . The location has a Foral granted by D. Afonso III, given in 1256 . His location protects the vineyard since is sheltered from the north wind and turned to South .

It has an easy access thru S. Martinho Ferrão road . The land is mainly rugged soil and deeply schist. The winemaker has also an amazing olive oil production with excellent quality. Besides wines and olive oil, also produces delicious oranges and mandarin.

Quinta do Todão , Harvest, Transportation

Quinta do Todão main building

The oldest farms, always have a main building and Quinta do Todão is no exception. The main building is the Manor of Dr. Paulo Pizarro de Carvalho and Melo descendent of the Marquês de Pombal. Has you known, Marquês de Pombal had responsibility on the rebuilding process of Lisbon after Earthquake in 1755.

Quinta do Todao, House, Cooking Lisbon

His statue you will find on the round of Marquês ( or in the surface of Rotunda Metro Station) . The main building was emblazoned house built in the XVIII Century.

Curiosity related with Quinta do Todão

The ascendacy of the founders which are still the current owners, goes till XV century. In those days, Fernando Cortes ( Spanish nationality, 1485-1547, which conquered Mexico and Franscisco Pizarro ( 1502 – 1548, conquered Peru ) .

Wine Products

  1. Quinta do Todão Reserve, DOC Douro , 2013, red wine
    Excellent red wine, made with 60% of Touriga Nacional, 30% of Touriga Franca and 10% of Old Vines.
  2. Todão, DOC Douro, 2015, red wine
    Red wine with three grapes ( Touriga nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz ), 14% alc/vol.
  3. Todão, DOC Douro, 2017, white wine
    It has intense aromas of citrus, grapefuit, lime leaf. Good acidity and minerality. Fruity with a surprising fresh and long finish. Its a blend with three different grapes such as : Viosinho, Rabigato and Codega do Larinho . 13% alc/vol.
  4. Todão, DOC Douro, 2017, Rosé wine
    Aged in stainless steel tanks and also the fermentation process with temperature controlled at 14º C ( 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit ). It has a pale pink color with some notes of small red fruits. Grapes : Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Tinta Barroca, 13% Alc/vol.

Quinta do Todão, Cooking Lisbon

At Cooking Lisbon finally we have Quinta do Todão wines on the Portuguese Gourmet Cooking Class. More information about this winemaker on their website .

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