Rice Bom Sucesso

Cooking Lisbon and Orivárzea ( rice producer ), brand Bom Sucesso are working together. One of the several goal is to spread the portuguese traditional gastronomy worldwide through Cooking Classes and Market Tours.

Rice, Bom Sucesso

Cooking Lisbon develops cooking classes, market tours, pastry classes and walking food tours. Orivárzea was formed in 1997 when the top 10 producers decided to join efforts to produce, sell rice with unique qualities. The rice producers are located at Lezíria Ribatejana in the centre of Portugal.

Bom Sucesso brand has a significant position in the Portuguese market and it is the most consumed on domestic market. The brand is exported to several European and Asian countries.

Rice Quality

Bom Sucesso / Orivárzea is the only company in Europe, certified by the Quality Management Systems and won recently for the third year in row the Taste of Year prize. 

Orivarzea Bom Sucesso Rice

Orivárzea is a certified company in terms of quality management according to ISO 9000:2008 standards. That only is an absolutely solid guarantee of the utmost respect to the extreme quality control criteria available worldwide.

Brands from Orivárzea

  • Bom Sucesso
  • Belmonte
  • IGP
  • Baby Rice

Chicken on the Pot, Rice Puddin or Duck Rice is just a short list, where this product with an amazing quality will be use.

For more information about the brand, feel free to visit Bom Sucesso / Orivárzea website.

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