Romenia to Lisbon Portuguese Cooking Experience

From Romenia to Lisbon they taste a 8 course menu. Aerotravel had such great moment in our facilities, while they visit the Portuguese capital. December 2019, they learn more about local gastronomy and taste some of the delicacies of Portugal.

Romenia, Cooking Class, Groups

At 6 pm, we had everything ready to receive them and they arrive with such amazing expectations . We receive them at our store and after a brief moments in our kitchen .

All the group speak a perfect english. After a short briefing where we explain the tasks, people starts to cook. This team building event is totally hands-on, which means they will eat what they cook.

Romenia, Hands On Cooking Class, Onions

Portuguese products for this group from Romenia

Divided in 4 subgroups they had different tasks assigned. While cooking, some local products to taste which they love it. One of the highest moments was the Olive oil tasting . They taste Gallo Olive Oil, Quinta da Pacheca and Olive Emotion . Three brands from Portugal, which one with specific characteristics. However, excellent Olive Oils.

Romenia, Hands On Cooking Class

One of other major moments, was when we served Portuguese wines. We serve on this class S de Sol from Ervideira ( Alentejo ) and a red DOC from Douro ( Quinta do Todão ). Perfect wines to taste on this hands on cooking class while they make the tasks.

It was amazing to see people engaging with each while they were cooking. They chat, taste Portuguese products, made excellent food and enjoy the moment. Thanks for visit Portugal and learn about our local traditions and habits.

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