Simply Wonderful in Every Way!

It was Saturday and we were prepared for a wonderful Lisbon Market Tour at Cooking Lisbon.  Jen Seaman and Donald Saunderson (United States of America ) arrived on time with a map in the hand.

From 10am to 3 pm was a great moment for all the group. Better than we write ir to see the review they left on the Tripadvisor.

Simply Wonderful in Every Way!

Luis & Isabel went above and beyond sharing recipes they became our friends and guides of the city. We started our cooking class by visiting the Market Mercado da Ribeira which is lined with different stalls of merchants from produce to butchers and even a feisty eggs lady. Luis & Isabel helped us to take an active role in the buying of the ingredients for our meal by touching the ingredients and interpreting the conversations that were taking place. We learned about different fish, sausages and produce that were unfamiliar to us.

Wonderful Market Tour in Lisbon, Portugal, Donald (USA)Luis was also very helpful before we even went to Cooking Lisbon as he answered questions via e-mail. He asked about food allergies and preferences to help tailor the menu for our visit. He even gave us a map on how to find the location as navigating through a new city can be tricky. We were able to find Cooking Lisbon easily!

Visiting the cooking school itself was fantastic! A very chic environment that looked similar to a wine bar. We got to taste a few wines while we were there (reds, whites and even green were available). We made two entrees, an appetizer and dessert alongside our cooking instructor, Isabel. She was incredibly helpful and had us roll up our sleeves to create the meal which was perfect as I wanted to know how to recreate them when I went home. Some cooking classes just have you watch, but not Cooking Lisbon, you’ll actually be able to replicate the dishes when you get home for your friends.



Market Tour review

Luis followed up with us and sent us the recipes via e-mail which was perfect. I may have lost them in our travels and this way I always have access to them. Both Isabel & Luis were incredibly gracious hosts who said that we could ask them any questions about Lisbon while we were on our trip. Which was helpful to know that we now have friends in Lisbon the next time we visit. If we do visit Lisbon again we would be thrilled to take another cooking class at Cooking Lisbon and HIGHLY recommend it to any of our friends or anyone who is interested in learning more about the culture of Portugal, the tastes or is just interested in having a great time! Thank you for a wonderful adventure. Obrigada!

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Cooking Lisbon would like to say: Thanks for this wonderful and amazing Saturday! We love it! It is always a pleasure to share our gastronomy. We loved the Market Tour, is unique! Above all, we love to see people happy.

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