Stainless Steel vs Copper Cataplana

Stainless steel is better than copper for Cataplanas? Is there any difference? Why exist two versions? Cataplana is famous in several dishes of meat and seafood in Portugal . Originally from Algarve become a symbol of Portuguese cuisine. 

You will find two theories of his origin. The main theory is that arrives to Portugal , through Algave, by the Moorish during Iberia Peninsula occupation. Originally derivates from Tagine, which was popular from north Africa. 

There is also the 2nd version of the story that says that was created by a Portuguese metal craftsman. He was specialized in stainless steel and copper. His name was Armando Luz. 

Stainless Steel Cataplana
Stainless steel cataplana, ready for electric inductions.

The most popular story is the first one, originally started with the Moorish. In conclusion, cataplana shape / format is important while cooking.  Related to the ingredients most of the Portuguese traditional dishes have olive oil, garlic, salt, onions 

Most important than the story is that now days you have already options of this cookware to use on inductions. You will have the same flavour, process might be different, however in the end it will be delicious.

You will find several famous dishes using Cataplana, however we advise the following ones:

  • Seafood Cataplana
  • Algarve style Cataplana
  • Clams Cataplana
  • Rabbit Cataplana
  • Monkfish Cataplana
  • Mussels Cataplana
  • Pork Meat Cataplana
  • Cod Fish Cataplana
  • Chicken

By default, Cataplana cookware is much more associate to seafood, therefore you can cook everything. You have creativity? Great, learn the base and after that you will be able to cook using your favorite ingredients.

While in Portugal, try something really Portuguese. Discover local food eating like a local instead of “touristic food”.

Stainless Steel Cataplana in our experiences

Some of our experiences you will use a stainless steel cataplana to cook. In these experiences you will visit local markets with our professional chef . Our chef will chat with you about local gastronomy and ingredients.

After the visit to the local market where our chef will be ingredients you will have a cooking class and meal ( market tour or tuk tuk market tour experience ).

You might find interesting the Silampos website. They have an online store and export worldwide their products. It is one of the best Portuguese brands of cookware and cooking utensils .

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