Why Tagus River is so important on Lisbon lifestyle?

Lisbon lifestyle is much more than small streets, food and history. Of course the city has an amazing history, has a capital since XII century. However, the locals and foreigners love also the amazing views.

After a small visit to one of our suppliers at Cooking Lisbon, on the way, we decided to stop at Christ the King located on the south margin of Tagus River. It was not an amazing day to take some pictures, cloudy and windy, however we thought that can give also good pictures.

Lisbon east side

Our first picture was very dark and you see the river traffic with catamaran boats. Boats connect the south margin of the river with Lisbon . In the oldest days, was mainly farms to supply Lisbon.  Some of the most emblematic Portuguese boats were also constructed in South Margin, as the caravel used by Vasco da Gama .

Lisbon, Praça do Comercio

A little bit closer, with a huge zoom we see part of Comércio Square. Reconstructed after the 1755 Earthquake is now days a beautiful square where you will find several restaurants and events.

It will be possible to walk along the river, where you will find several esplanades. On the Summer, people love the sun, a good drink and lots of chat. We easily get lost in time perception .

Lisbon South View

Visiting Christ the King we catch a foreigner watching Lisbon . We wonder what were the thoughts about the Portuguese capital, will she be interested on the Lisbon lifestyle of food, culture, art, history or any other subject?

The picture show us the Belém Tower, Tower of Discoveries and Jerónimos Monastery . Belém civil parish is on the background. Back to 18th century we had on this spot an amazing white sand beach .

Lisbon lifetsyle

Lisbon 25 April Bridge

The 25 de Abril Bridge is a suspension bridge. Connects two main cities such as Lisbon and Almada . Everyday thousands of cars cross the beach, since gives access to Costa da Caparica, one of the favorite beach spots for locals. The bridge opens in 1966 and its very similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA .

Lisbon lifestyle, Tower Discoveries,

Belém civil parish is also know by the Pastéis de Belém. The Portuguese loves to eat good pastries ( but also foreigners, visiting the country and Lisbon ).

Lisbon lifestyle is very unique . Besides jobs, locals to eat well , drink even better and relax. On the Portuguese capital you will also find an amazing weather .

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