Wine consumption per capita

The wine consumption per capita is always an interesting number to check and we can have amazing surprises with the top 10 countries in the world .

Wine Consumption per Capita

Most of the people has an idea of countries such as France, USA, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, China, Australia. Its a myth that countries with a huge wine production are also wine consumers.

Wine Consumption per Capita, Portugal

Of course they have their public that makes wine consumption per capita contribution, but you will not believe that is the Vatican City State that has the highest wine consumption per capita.

During the investigation we found the statistics of Trade Data And Analysis (TDA), from , dated from 2015 (revised edition) . The information available says consume, so we strongly believe that wine is consumed besides drinking also on cooking processes ( even in our cooking classes in several fish and meat dishes).

For example in Portugal is cultural. Portugal has the oldest demarcated wine region called Douro, from where is produced the Port Wine (besides other whites and reds wines).

Wine Consumption per capita / country

  1. Vatican City State – 54.26 L
  2. Andorra – 46.26 L
  3. Croatia – 44.20 L
  4. Slovenia – 44.07 L
  5. Norfolk Island – 42.66 L
  6. France – 42.51 L
  7. Portugal – 41.74 L
  8. Switzerland – 40.49 L
  9. Macedonia – 40.41 L
  10. Falkland Islands – 35.73 L

Issues with impact on wine consumption

Food & Foodies – in Portugal and France, food, cooking, foodies is a cultural issue . The locals from each country love food and make pairings with their own wines.

Weather – Good weather means more drink. Most of consumers try to have fresh drinks. Beer has an huge consume in Portugal and Spain, but wines, specially the green and whites on the summer with fresh fish.

Diversity – Portugal, Spain and France have a biggest diversity of brands and products, making different blends with their own grapes . For instance, Portugal has more than 300 grapes varieties and more than 60.000 wine brands, which is impressive for the dimension of the country.

Tourism – The impact of tourism on wine sales is huge in terms of consume and buying process to take it home.

Drink wine with moderation . Legal age in Portugal is 18 .

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