Wine Game Team building event

Wine Game starts to be popular in Lisbon as a team building event for corporate groups. Cooking Lisbon is working on the last two years in events based on this excellent Portuguese product.

The wine game is setup to a minimum of 10 people till major groups ( 100 people ). Has three moments where people will interact in groups and public. It promotes collaboration between people, individual and public speaking . It is a moment to to enjoy, learn, get new skills in relax environment.

After briefing people will learn about the Portuguese wines, wine regions and major grape varieties. Its a brief explanation however its the starting point for a wine tasting.

On the wine tasting, participants will drink three monocast wines . They are the preparation for the wine game and a moment to relax and enjoy the moment.

Wine Game

After the briefing, explanations and wine tastings we start the wine game. Divided in groups of 5 to 10 persons (depending of the total amount of participants) each one need to develop a wine, strategy and a public presentation. Time to define a strategy of the group due to the competitors.

Wine Game, Cooking Lisbon, Team Building : Winemaker for a Day

The leader of the group will present the brand and the strategy. Reasons for the name, colors of the label, everything counts to get extra points by other teams.

When everything is ready time to classify other teams in a blind tasting of all “winemakers“. Aroma, flavour and label presentation are the key factors and you will be also the judge.

Get ready! Now is the moment to develop your own wine. In the end, winners will have a prize and every participant will take a bottle home of their own wine. Good luck !

Cooking Lisbon organizes also other type of team buildings based on Portuguese traditional gastronomy. The offer goes to cooking classes / culinary experience . During last years have worked with major worldwide brands. The facilities are prepared to receive your team.

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