Fresh Fish with wok on the Market Tour

Fresh ingredients is our main goal. Our Market Tour always start at the meeting point, Cooking Lisbon in Lisbon´s downtown. At 10 am we started with presentations of each other and together with our new friends we went to Mercado da Ribeira (one of the most famous market´s in Lisbon).

Market Tour in Lisbon, Vegetables

During the transportation we speak about local habits, portuguese culture, gastronomy, wines, among many other ocasional subjects that travelers want to know.

On the Market Tour we choose first the fresh fish, to have the best quality possible of the ingredients and since we don´t have any restrictions, we choose a fish called CorvinaArgyrosomus regius , from the family of Sciaenidae with big dimensions – 2 metres and 50 kg ). The Market Tour at Cooking Lisbon has four courses during the Cooking Class (which is included). During the five hours of the activity people get in touch with portuguese habits, meet the locals and knowledge.

During the cooking class people can learn how to make a starter / soup, the fish dish (today : Corvina ) and of course one dessert. Everything with good Portuguese wines ( fresh white wine and red). This fish was prepared on a wok from Silampos called Cataplana ( Algarve Model ), which it is possible to find worldwide.

Wok and the Fresh Fish

After the fish dish made, it was time to prepare the meat dish.  We choose Peas with Poached Eggs, since we bought the peas on Mercado da Ribeira.

We still had time for the dessert, the famous sweet clouds. Its made with milk, cinnamon, sugar and totally hands on. Its common to make tis recipe on the Market Tour or Cooking Class.

Cooking Lisbon provides Cooking Classes, Market Tours and Pastry and Baking Classes ( Custards Tarts – Pastéis de Nata ) in Lisbon downtown. Check the Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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