Olive Oil, an amazing Mediterranean ingredient

Olive Oil is one of the major ingredients on the Portuguese cuisine. Traditions are preserved to cook with this amazing ingredient in several salads, meat and fish dishes.

Its a product that you obtain from the Olive (Olea europaea, from the family of Oleaceae). The tree is traditional on the Mediterranean and it is produced by pressing whole olives.

Olives and Olive Oil in a Dish, Cooking Lisbon

Oldest civilizastions had used for religious rituals, fuel, medicine, soap-making and skin care application. Food is perhaps the biggest application that it has.

From the Ancient Greek, Roman Cuisine, Egyptians and Portuguese, there is several documents mentioned it. The oldest olive tree in the World has 2852 years . This village is located 7 km to north of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. The Olive tree has 2852 years according the registrations.

Now days, the Portuguese olive oils are one of the best-known worldwide. Portugal produces top quality extra-virgin oils to  export. According the market, have different prices. The country exports to more than 70 countries. 

Olive Oil Standards IOC

  • Extra-Virgin – virgin oil production only with higher quality. More than 0,8% free acidity, better taste, fruitiness, without sensory defects.
  • Virgin – Virgin olive oil production only, lowest quality, acidity up to 1,5% with a good taste;
  • Refined – Olive oil obtained from virgin olive oils. Uses methods that do not modify the initial glycedic structure. Free acidity, less than 0.3%. After they will be mix with a small amount of virgin-production to improve taste.
  • Olive Pomace Oil – is a blend of virgin oil with refined pomace olive oil. One of the characteristics of this product is the neutral flavor. Has the same health benefits, but less appreciate for Olive Oil lovers.

Portugal has an Association with focus on this product. More than 150 producers associated and much more brands. It is still possible to find very small producers using the oldest techniques to produce this amazing food ingredient. Above all, it keeps you healthy diet.

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