Areias de Cascais

“Areias de Cascais” is a nice and delicious little cakes with origin in the village of Cascais ( West of Lisbon ). There is references to its existence in the end of XIX century, but its impossible to precise the year.

The first written recipe with mention to “Areias de Cascais”, dates from 1933 by the master Manuel Ferreira, on a book called “A Cozinha Ideal” in Portuguese language.

Areias de Cascais, Pastry, Portugal

Cascais origin is a fisherman village nowadays a reference in tourism. Had relevance during the second World War due to the exile of politicians, artists and even spies. Its a simple recipe that you can make at home with very few ingredients and in short period of time.

You will love the simplicity, the taste and enjoy the easy process to make them.


150 g of sugar + q.s. to sprinkle
200 g margarine
320 g wheat flour

Preparation of Areias :

  • Sift the sugar with flour to a bunch. Make a pit in half and pour margarine into pieces. You should work all ingredients with your fingertips.
  • Mix and make a ball. 

Remove pieces of dough and mold into balls the size of walnuts.
    You can also give a different shape / look. If you want, you can flatten them slightly.
  • Put the balls you make in a tray and bake them in medium oven ( 180º Celsius ) during 10 minutes.
  • Pass your Areias, still hot, in sugar and then leave them cold.
  • Now, its time to taste them on with a cup of tea, milk or coffee. Its delicious.

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