Abade de Priscos Pudding

Abade de Priscos Pudding is related with the history of Santiago de Priscos, a parish of Braga.Minho is closely related to the success story of an Abbot, considered one of the greatest Portuguese cooks of the nineteenth century.

The Gastronomer Manuel Joaquim Machado Rebelo, Abbot of Priscos, born in Santa Maria de Turiz, municipality of Vila Verde. He was known for his great gifts, whether to iron, sew or embroider clothes, better than any nun.

Abade de Priscos Pudding, Portugal

Abade de Priscos Pudding, Picture by : Joseolgon

Although, what made him famous was his abilities in the kitchen, where the Abbot used his talent, based on a unique taste, to prepare and develop the most varied dishes and recipes.

There are several stories that reveal how he masterfully transformed food into magical meals and also how he was known to carry a magical suitcase where he had a great variety of unique spices. The result of his great wisdom were recipes where the explosion of flavors were a constant.

The star of his cooking constellation is the famous Abade de Priscos Bacon Pudding, a recipe that stills shines nowadays as one of the most special and delightful Portuguese desserts, mandatory for those who visit Minho and Portugal in general.

The Abade de Priscos Bacon Pudding or Portuguese Bacon Pudding, is a pudding or, as you wish, a flan, made mostly out of egg yolks, sugar, caramel, Port Wine, cinnamon, and, as the name says, bacon! Don´t worry, the Abbot was almost a magician, so he knew what he was doing. Although you barely feel the taste of pork meat, the fat that it adds to the sugar syrup, really makes it special. The consistency is amazing and almost vanishes in you mouth. This dessert was among the 21 Wonders of the Portuguese Gastronomy in 2011.

Give it a try, if you are not vegetarian, of course!

Abade de Priscos Pudding recipe


• 400 g / 14 oz sugar and another 200 g / 7 oz to make caramel
• One small wine glass of Port wine
• 50 g / 1.8 oz fresh lard/bacon
• 15 egg yolks
• 1 lemon peel
• 50 milliliters water
• 1 cinnamon stick


Start by making the caramel, placing the 200 g of sugar in a small pan and moderate heat until it becomes a golden, uniform caramel. Once ready, you should spread the caramel on all the sides of a pudding mould.

In a second pan add the water, remaining sugar, lemon peel, cinnamon stick and lard cut into thin strips. You should put it to a boil at high temperature until it reaches about 103C / 217F degrees.

Take the syrup off of the stove and let it cool down for a while. Add it to the egg yolks mixed with the Port wine.

Pour it into the pudding mould. Place the mould in a water bath and and cook for 1 hour in a preheated to 250C/480F.

After cooking, allow it to cool down completely before you remove it from the mould.

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