Chocolate mousse with red fruit coulis

Chocolate Mousse is always an excellent dessert, specially in most of the restaurants in Lisbon. At our cooking classes its not common on the basic way while this recipe is a success on the Gourmet Class due to special touches.

Chocolate Mousse Red Fruits Coulis

The oldest evidence of chocolate as a beverage dating back to 1900 BC in Mokaya ( Guatemala and Mexico ). Its a fact that the majority of Mesoamerican people worked into chocolate beverages. Civilizations such as Maya and Aztecs in South America have their records of this delicious ingredient.

What we made was to give a special touch on the cooking process and getting a different texture and flavor. The blend of the red fruits coulis and chocolate you get a little bit of the acidity but also the sweet in your mouth. Take a look on the recipe.


  • 50 g. flour
  • 200 g. Sugar
  • 150 g. butter
  • 250 g. chocolate
  • 6 Eggs
  • 450 g. Red fruits
  • 50 g. sugar
  • Lemon
  • 3 g. Gum / Xanthan

Preparation of the Chocolate Mousse

Grease a removable bottom shape about 22cm in diameter. Note: if you prefer you can also do it in individual doses, adjusting the amount on each portion ). Melt the chocolate in a water bath. With the magic wand beat 18 0g of sugar, the egg yolks and the butter till obtaining a whitish cream. Add the previously melted chocolate and finally the flour.

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and remaining sugar and wrap in the mixture. Bake at 200 ° C for about 10 minutes. As soon as this time passes let the “mousse” cool about 5 minutes inside the shape.

Preparation of Coulis:

Grind the red fruits to a liquid preparation and strain. With a magic wand mix the sugar, a few drops of lemon and the xanthan gum. Store the preparation in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes (check the texture). Serve the chocolate mousse in the oven with the red fruit coulis.

This is not a traditional recipe of Portugal, however people love it on our Gourmet Classes when we make it.

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Spicy Chocolate Mousse