Algarve Tuna Steak

Algarve Tuna Steak is an outstanding dish from Algarve, Portugal . Portuguese Traditional Gastronomy is rich in diversity of fresh fish and tuna, its just one of the huge number of options you may have in the country.

Algarve Tuna Steak Recipe

  • Fresh tuna;
  • 3 garlic gloves;
  • 3 medium onions;
  • 100 ml of white wine;
  • 1 lemon juice;
  • Olive oil , salt, pepper, flour and coriander / parsley to taste;

Season the tuna steaks with salt, pepper, the crushed garlic gloves, lemon juice and a dash of olive oil and leave to marinate during three / four hours .

After the tuna steaks marinate, coat with flour and fry in vegetal oil . In another pan, make some fried onions garnish ( sliced onions sauté , till they are translucent. Cook it in low heat and a little bit of vegetal olive oil ).

Now that everything is prepared its time to plate. Get the dish you would like to use, put the tuna steak and the onions sauté (already together with white wine) putting them in the top of the steaks. Sprinkle some coriander / parsley and put over the tuna steak .

Serving suggestions :

Depends of your taste and preference, but you can serve the tuna steak with sautéed greens ( green beans ) or even with boiled potatoes ( two average potatoes per person ). Note that potatoes will take some time, so you should start to boil them while you fried the tuna steak.

If you are visiting Lisbon, you may find most of the ingredients in a local market. Lisbon, the Portuguese capital has thirteen markets available. The markets closes on Sundays and on Mondays they don´t have fresh fish.

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