Codfish Zé do Pipo Style

Codfish Zé do Pipo Style recipe born in Oporto, in the North of Portugal.

José Valentim (owner of a restaurante is the author of the recipe and his nickname was “Zé do Pipo”. The nickname was given to the dish that he made during the decade of 1940.
codfish ze do pipo styleThe dish won the competition called “Best Price for a Meal” (in Portuguese “a melhor refeição ao melhor preço”. 

Now days, the dish is popular in whole country and it is possible to find it in most of the local restaurants.

Ingredients of Codfish Zé do Pipo Style

1 kg of cod loins;
2 medium onions, sliced
1 bowl of homemade mayonnaise;
4 tablespoons of olive oil;
1 litre of milk;
1 bay leaf;
750 g mashed potatoes;
Salt, pepper or nutmeg;
Black Olives;
1 tablespoon breadcrumps;

Easy to make, the Codfish Zé do Pipo Style has very few steps from the soak process till it is served at table.

1. Soak the cod the evening before to loose the salt and cut into pieces.
2. Cook the codfish pieces in milk
3. Fry the onions in the olive oil with the bay leaf, salt, pepper or nutmeg and little milk from cooking the cod, until the onions are softened. At this point you can smell this wonderfull dish on the pan.
4. Once cooked, drain the cod and place in an earthenware dish.
5. Cover with the onions and then completely coat in the mayonnaise.
6. Arrange the mashed potatoes around the cod.
7. Spinkle with the breadcrumbs with black olives.

Now, the it is ready to serve. We say in portuguese “Bom Apetite!”.

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