Bifana, the Portuguese Sandwich

Bifana is the Portuguese sandwich based on pork meat cooked and that you will eat inside a warm bread.

To eat bifana, its common that people add some mustard or some piri-piri (chillies based). This sandwich is more popular in the Centre, South of Portugal.

Visiting Portugal, discover the singular taste on the coffee shops or small restaurants and usually you will find it on all kind of events.

bifana portuguese sandwich

Alentejo is described has the origin and excellence of Bifanas (also the place for the major pork production). It is common to read about Vendas Novas, has the city where born this famous Portuguese Sandwich.

The popularity of the Portuguese sandwich Bifana is huge and worldwide brands such as McDonald´s catch the wave and created McBifana in 2013. However, speaking with any Portuguese, people will tell you that is a weak imitation of the real one.

Where to find a place selling Bifana ?

If you are visiting Lisbon / Portugal, you will find it easily in most of the small restaurants in downtown . There is also new trendy concepts of food, presenting you the Portuguese Sandwich, some very good indeed.

Bifana you will find almost in all country, even its more popular in Center and South.

What other type of sandwich can you find in Portugal ?

Along the country you can also find two other main Portuguese sandwiches, called Prego and Suckling Pig .

Prego is a beef sandwich served in bread. The beef steak should be thin and tender. You will be able to add some mustard or even hot sauce if you love it.

Suckling Pig , its delicious with the pork sking toasted, that becomes crunchy . In the North of the country, Mealhada, it is served has a dish and Portuguese love it. However, the Suckling Pig sandwich is delicious and you can easily get one in Lisbon or Porto .

Last note, visiting a local market in Lisbon ( and you have 13 available ) you will see it for sale.

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