Portuguese Duck Rice Recipe

Duck Rice is one of the portuguese traditional dishes. Cooked in two stages, is very delicious when you taste and eat the chorizo ​​and roasted bacon on top, with a mixture of duck and rice of the layers.

Cook the Portuguese Duck Rice RecipeSome of the restaurants in Lisbon, cook this dish once a week. Delicious and tasty, can be topped with a red wine. We suggest any red wine with Touriga Nacional grape variety.

Boil duck in salted water with bacon and chorizo.  Add onion, cloves, carrot, peppercorns and parsley and let it simmer until duck is very tender.

Shred meat and reserve. Sieve broth and, when cold, remove fat from surface and reserve it. Boil broth until it thickens and check salt according your taste.

Sauté rice in duck fat, then add broth ( three times the rice ) and mint, removing it 2 minutes later.  Cook the rice for 15 minutes and turn the heat off, letting the rice rest.

In a roasting tray, pace a layer of half the rice, then put the duck and the other half of the rice.

Garnish with chorizo, bacon and carrot. Brown in the oven.

The mentioned ingredients are for four people. If you have major group to cook, you can use the recipe. Most of the ingredients you will find at your supermarket and it is easy to cook. Now, its time to prepare a nice portuguese and traditional meal.

Ingredients of Duck Rice

1 bunch fresh mint, whole;
1 bunch fresh parsley, whole;
3 cloves;
1 small carrot, sliced;
1 larg duck (4 lb);
1,5 cup long-grain rice;
1 chorizo or blood sausage, sliced;
1/2 lb fresh or smoked bacon, diced;
Salt according your taste plus peppercorns.

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