Rabbit Hunter Style

Rabbit makes part of the Portuguese Gastronomy universe. The Rabbits usually lives in the woods in dry, sandy soil, big colonies and live an average of 9 years.

The ease of reproduction and the high number that their populations can achieve at an early age became reason for hunting this type of animal.

Portugal gastronomy has more than 200 dishes using rabbit. From North to South, you will find a huge diversity of options to cook and different processes of how to make it.

Potatoes, rice, carrots, different herbs to aromatize or as a cooking process, flavors will be unique.

The protection of the crops and taking advantage of their skins for trade we also key factors.

Portuguese traditional gastronomy is more than pork, duck, chicken or cow. You will find a diversity of dishes based on rabbit in Portugal, specially on the rural areas.

1 rabbit
200 g pork belly
1 bay leaf
2 onions
1 small bunch of parsley
2 tomatoes
salt, pepper and red wine to taste
2 tbsp vinegar
3 cloves of garlic
50 g olive oil

Preparation of the Rabbit Hunter Style

Prepare the rabbit and reserve the blood. Add a little vinegar to the blood and stir. Cut the rabbit into serving pieces and season with garlic, pepper and the bay leaf. Pour over the red wine and leave to marinate overnight.

The next day fry the onion cut into fine slices in the olive oil with the pork belly and the tomato. Add the meat from the marinade and leave to cook over medium heat.

When the meat on the heat again and bring rapidly to the boil. Serve garnished with parsley. Accompany this with boiled potatoes.

Its time to serve what you cook.

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